The Water-Pro are highly flexible seawater desalinisation systems capable of producing from 60 to 90 liters of water per hour with solutions that adapt to each boat and a very moderate energy consumption.

The ST-15 Ceramic high-pressure pump is the result of years of research and development of reverse-osmosis seawater desalinisation technology and is the eighth generation of high-pressure hydraulic energy-recovery pumps.

This boxer pump is specially designed for sailboats and motorboats with limited power.

The only element in this energy-recovery system that needs electricity is the feed pump. Therefore, there is no need to install a second electric motor to activate the high-pressure pump.

They are available in BASIC (manual flush) and STANDARD (automatic flush) models, and run on 12V and 24V DC power, as well as 220V AC power.

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From 12 m.


60 to 90 l. / h

Water tank

From 100 l.


12V | 24V DC | 220v AC

  • Production 2,000 to 4,000 l/h depending on model.
  • Energy recovery system.
  • Top-quality water from the first moment.
  • Very quiet, without vibrations.
  • Reliable, simple, easy to install system and maintain.
  • Perfect for small business, industries, agriculture or even domestic use.

Dimensions Modular B-60 12-24V DC

Dimensions Modular S-60 12-24V DC

Dimensions Modular S-60 220V AC

Dimensions Modular S-90 12-24V DC

Dimensions Modular S-90 220V AC

Dimensions Compact S-60

Dimensions Compact S-90

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