EFFICIENT: watermaker 200 to 300 litres/hour

The watermakers with the most advanced technology for boat, sailboat, yacht or land-based use

The EFFICIENT T-300 watermaker is a fully autonomous device, portable or fixed depending on the model, that can produce from 200 up to 300 litres of drinking water per hour for human, agricultural or industrial use from seawater, saltwater or contaminated freshwater, extracted directly from the sea or from saline phreatic layers.

The main feature of the EFFICIENT T-300 is its patented energy-recovery system, which considerably reduces the power needed, using up to 80% less than the rest of the devices available on the market. In addition, this watermakers have a quieter operation and less vibration than their competitors.

The models in this series offer highly automatic control of the water desalinisation process, as well as monitoring pressure, flow and salinity (among other things) for effective self-regulated production. Although the system features a notable level of automation, it is very easy to activate the manual mode.

The EFFICIENT seawater desalinisation devices feature a compact structure. The membranes, high-pressure pump, distribution valves and controls are all housed in the same unit.

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From 16 m.


200 to 300 l. / h


220V AC single-phase | 220V AC three-phase | 380V AC three-phase with neutral

  • Small size for production level.
  • Novel automatic, programmable weekly freshwater flush system.
  • Minimum power consumption.
  • Innovative energy recovery system, which provides considerable energy savings.
  • Quieter operation and less vibration.
  • Fully automatic operation.
  • Optional manual operation.
  • Optional remote control panel.
  • For maritime or land-based use.
  • Very easy to install, operate and mantain.

Dimensions EFFICIENT 200

Dimensions EFFICIENT 300

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