How Do I Choose A Watermaker?

how do I choose a watermaker

Navigating the vast ocean of information for choosing the right watermaker for your vessel can be tricky. It is crucial to decide on a unit that aligns with your maritime needs, providing both efficiency and reliability. This article will simplify your decision-making process, serving as a comprehensive guide on selecting the perfect watermaker for your boat.

The modern market presents a variety of options, each offering unique attributes. From power consumption to freshwater output rate, multiple factors contribute to a watermaker's functionality. Let's delve into the key features you should consider when embarking on your watermaker selection journey.

Assessing Freshwater Needs

The first pivotal step towards selecting an ideal watermaker is gauging your freshwater needs. It has less to do with the vessel's size and more with your on-board water consumption. Your regular water usage habits, crew size, and the need for autonomy on the sea define the kind of equipment you require.

The freshwater requirements typically revolve around drinking water, cleaning, cooking, and bathing. Life on board a vessel requires more water than one might anticipate. Therefore, having insights into your water consumption patterns is critical in determining the capacity of your watermaker.

Ensure the chosen watermaker can produce at least 25 to 50% more water than your calculated freshwater needs. It offers leeway for unforeseen circumstances, or unexpected increases in water consumption.

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Compatibility with Your Vessel

A watermaker should accommodate your vessel's specifications. You must consider factors like energy consumption, physical size of the unit and access for maintenance while assessing its compatibility with your boat. Watermakers can vary greatly in their energy needs. A watermaker's design that leverages osmotic pressure while using high pressure pumps for energy recovery can be a wise option for power efficiency.

The physical accommodation of the watermaker also requires attention since the space on-board vessels is usually limited. Shortlisting a compact and efficient model can provide optimized usage of space.

Ease of maintenance is another important consideration. Regular upkeep ensures the watermaker's longevity and optimal operation. A functional design that makes the watermaker easily accessible for maintenance proves beneficial in the long run.

Quality of Components and Service

It is equally important to take into account the watermaker's durability when making your choice. The unit's quality and construction should withstand the harsh marine environment, ensuring consistent performance. High-quality components – especially the membrane – play an essential role in the watermaker's efficiency and lifespan.

Post-purchase service is another crucial aspect to consider. A company with a robust network of distributors ensures prompt technical assistance whenever needed. Supportive customer service can make the process of installation, maintenance, or troubleshooting quite seamless for you.

In Conclusion

To conclude, choosing a watermaker necessitates a comprehensive understanding of your water needs, the vessel's specifications, and the quality of the watermaker. By prioritising energy-efficiency, durability, and post-purchase support, you can make a well-informed decision that aligns with your maritime requirements.

In light of these insights, we encourage you to take a step further towards marine autonomy. Connect with us to get a free quote for a marine watermaker and begin your journey towards self-reliance and convenience at sea. Our advanced technology and proactive service commitment aim to provide you with a seamless sea living experience.

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Why do you need a Watermaker on board?
A watermaker provides autonomy, because you can produce your own water at any time; without having to go ashore to fill tanks; with this solution we gain time, space, and money. In addition, as the water produced is drinking water, this allows us to travel lighter, with smaller water tanks, using less fuel.
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