Modular Watermaker - 90 l/h

Why Choose Eco Sistems USA

Innovative Desalination Technology

Leveraging advanced
desalination technology for optimal efficiency and performance
in converting seawater to fresh water.

Eco-Friendly and Energy Efficient:

Committed to sustainability, the products are designed for minimal
environmental impact and reduced energy consumption.

Reliable and Low-Maintenance:

Ensuring peace of mind, these watermakers are built for reliability and easy maintenance, enhancing their usability in diverse marine environments.

Compact and Versatile Designs:

Suitable for a wide range of vessels, these watermakers are compact, making them easily installable in various spaces.

The WATER-PRO MODULAR S-90 12V and WATER-PRO MODULAR S-90 24V boat watermakers feature effective production of 90 litres per hour, with very moderate power use and fresh water flush.

They are water desalinisation systems particularly suited to vessels from 14 metres in length and water tanks with a capacity between 200 and 500 litres.

These boat watermakers use ST-15 Ceramic high-pressure pumps. The membrane is located in a cylinder separate from the high-pressure pump, which makes it easier to put them both in the best possible location on the vessel.

Specifications & Dimentions


On my last sailing trip, the compactness of this watermaker
was a game changer. It fit perfectly in our small boat, leaving
plenty of room for other essentials.

Finnegan M

As someone conscious about energy use, I was impressed by
the low power consumption of this watermaker. It's a big plus
for eco-friendly boating.

Lucia P

The water quality exceeded my expectations. It was
refreshing and tasted great, making it ideal for drinking and
cooking on board.

Andrew N

I was new to using watermakers, but the user interface on this
one was so straightforward. It made the learning curve much

Isla G

I've used this watermaker for several trips now, and its
reliability is outstanding. It's one less thing to worry about
when you're miles from shore.

Santiago V

Maintenance is usually a headache, but I found this
watermaker surprisingly easy to maintain, which is great for
someone like me who's not very tech-savvy.

Aisha N

Considering the cost of bottled water for long trips, this
watermaker turned out to be a cost-effective solution for me in
the long run.

Jon B

I appreciate how this watermaker has made my sailing trips
more self-sufficient. It's a great feeling not to rely on ports for
fresh water.

Bill R

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Why do you need a Watermaker on board?
A watermaker provides autonomy, because you can produce your own water at any time; without having to go ashore to fill tanks; with this solution we gain time, space, and money. In addition, as the water produced is drinking water, this allows us to travel lighter, with smaller water tanks, using less fuel.
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