What Is The Maintenance Of A Marine Water Maker?

What is the maintenance of a marine water maker?

The Marine Watermaker, an impressive innovation, ensures a constant supply of fresh water even when journeys take individuals far away from shore. This article will delve into the intricacies of maintaining a marine watermaker, thus helping enhance its longevity and the quality of water it produces. The maintenance process is relatively straightforward, encompassing regular device servicing, proper operation, and preservation methods when the watermaker is not in active use.

Maintaining the Device

The heart of maintaining a marine watermaker lies in its regular and efficient servicing. Key components necessary for the functioning of the watermaker include filters, pumps, and membranes among others. These components need regular upkeep. Typically, the preliminary filters, tasked with filtering larger particles, need to be replaced every three to six months. The membrane, responsible for the osmosis process, is the core component due to its role in water purification and needs careful maintenance. Its lifespan typically extends from a year to three depending on usage and water conditions. However, regular cleaning with special cleaning compounds helps in maintaining membrane performance and longevity.

Additionally, the high-pressure pump, a significant participant in creating osmosis pressure, requires a regular check-up as well. While most pumps are engineered to last for several years, detecting any deviations in their functioning early on can lead to effective corrective measures. Regular device maintenance also implies a detailed examination of the electronic components for any potential wear and tear.

Finally, end-to-end system checks are essential in maintaining a marine watermaker. This involves operating the machine in a clean, freshwater environment to spot potential issues. This broad system check should be conducted once or twice a year.

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Proper Operation

The regular operation of a marine watermaker in sync with the manufacturer's instructions is crucial for its maintenance. One essential step is flushing the system with fresh water after each use. This process helps remove any residue, preventing the growth of organisms inside the system. Furthermore, operating the system at regular intervals even when stationary is helpful. This avoids prolonged periods of inactivity which could adversely affect some components.

It is important to maintain optimal pressure levels during watermaker operations. Higher pressures may lead to a faster wear and tear of components while lower pressures could lead to inefficient water production. It is also advisable to avoid drawing water from polluted or excessively salty areas, which could lead to faster fouling of the membrane.

Preservation for Periods of Non-Use

For periods when the watermaker is not in active use, proper preservation methods can help keep the system in good condition. Prior to any extended downtime, the system should be comprehensively cleaned and flushed with fresh water. Preservation chemicals can be introduced into the system to prevent bacterial growth.

It is also worth noting that during periods of prolonged non-use, the system should ideally be run once every week to prevent the seals and components from drying out. If the system would not be used for extended periods, a professional decommissioning process can be considered for the best upkeep of the watermaker.

In Conclusion

Maintenance of a marine watermaker involves regularities in device servicing, correct operating procedures, and the application of preservation strategies for times when the system is not in active use. The key to a long-lasting and efficient watermaker system lies in vigilance towards its maintenance routine and strict adherence to manufacturer instructions.

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Why do you need a Watermaker on board?
A watermaker provides autonomy, because you can produce your own water at any time; without having to go ashore to fill tanks; with this solution we gain time, space, and money. In addition, as the water produced is drinking water, this allows us to travel lighter, with smaller water tanks, using less fuel.
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